The goodness of having Amla

Have you ever tasted amla ka murabba? It is a very Indian thing which has a total Indian recipe that has been inherited through generations. Many people have learnt the recipe from their grandmothers or parents and have grown up eating amla ka murabba.

Amla which is also popularly known as the Indian gooseberry has a huge sets of benefits when it comes to Hindi. Amla ka murabba in Hindi is a preparation which is sweet in taste. The recipe is done by processing the fresh amla along with sugar. This makes the taste of the murabba more appetising.

When one refers to Ayurveda, they can find some huge benefits that one can gain from Amla. It is one of the richest sources of Vitamin C. Not only that, it also contains a lot of irons, minerals, fibres and carbohydrates. So those who suffer from acidity problems and burning sensations in their stomach can be cured by eating amla as they cool down the digestion process. It also reduces the burning sensation in stomach that happens due to acidity. Amla ka murabba also has a lot of health benefits. They are useful in eradicating constipation problems. Not only that it also helps in removing daily physical lethargy, mental weakness, poor memory, poor eye sight, hair fall and dandruff problems and nasal bleeding. According to many, amla is very beneficial for pregnant women.

Amla is a certain tonic which can improve the overall health. This increases the immunity power in a human body. It can easily fight with the infectious bacteria and pollution so that a body can fight with constant weather changes and does not face regular attacks of cough and cold or fever. Amla also rejuvenates the body and help in increasing their longevity.

Here are some regular benefits of eating amla or drinking amla juice.

  • It removes mental weakness and physical lethargy. The juice works as a brain tonic which improves human memory and also works for the betterment of eye sights.
  • If one has a nasal bleeding problem, then amla can do wonders to them.
  • The amla helps in the cure of constipation and other digestion related problems. It is also a cardiac stimulant at the same time.
  • Liver remains in a good and healthy condition if one consumes amla on a regular basis. It also keeps the blood circulation normal in a human body.
  • Amla makes the heart and the lungs strong. One does not get affected much with cough and cold if they have amla everyday. One can easily prevent bronchitis and breathing problems with the help of amla.
  • If one is pregnant then they can eat amla ka murabba. It gives some taste to your taste buds and also good for the health of the baby and the mother. Pregnancy leads to a lot of hormonal changes which results in hair fall. Amla will help to prevent that.

Amla ka murabba recipe in Hindi is easily available at online sites.