4 Kinds Of Most Common Parenting Regret That Have Been Shared

I have always believed that parenting is very difficult. No transition of life is very easy but parenting is definitely the most difficult of them all. And I feel this is because there is not guideline as to how to parent your child. Every parent has their own ideas of how to go about it and it is perceived differently on every child. No two parenting method can work the same on two different children. And with this confusion even though parents try doing their best, in their later years they are often left with regrets as they feel that they could’ve been better parents.

In today’s article I would be talking about some of the most common parenting regrets during pregnancy:

  1. Regrets for being a workaholic- most parents these days are working couples and even after having a kid, they are much focussed and goal oriented. While there is nothing bad in it, they do miss out on a great time of their kid’s growing up phase. By the time they retire and are free of all duty, their kids are all grown up and move out for studies and later get married. This way parents regret as they barely have any childhood memories with their kids. Sometimes this also has a negative effect on the kid as they choose the wrong path for feeling neglected.
  2. Regret for being too lenient- many parents resort to soft and easy parenting method that has less of shouting and punishment and more of pampering. There could be various reasons behind such parenting methods, best known to the parents themselves. But this often leads to a spoilt child. The child either turns into a soft ball for having such soft parents or turn complete opposite of it.
  3. Regret for being too strict- parents often face a lot of dilemma when it comes to taking care of their kids. They don’t know if they are being too strict or too lenient. Many parents become very harsh and the kid has to grow in a strict environment making the child lose his childhood very soon. This often takes away their innocence and hence the parents regret about it. Also, too much of strictness sometimes makes the child into a rebel and they often revolt against their parents a lot.
  4. Regret for not being pushy or persuasive enough- children often have many hobbies and they often come to their parents asking for support. But most of the times after taking some sort of coaching and finding some difficulty, children wish to quit. Now, letting your child quit without a struggle might look innocent in the beginning, but it could have a major impact on the personality later on. The child may learn to give up on things too easily or may not care to strive hard to get success.

So, these are some of the most common and also the biggest parenting regrets. But again I would like to say no method is perfect, all you have to do is try and find a balance in all.