Videos to Become the Future of Content Marketing

It would not be wrong to say that videos have taken over the world of marketing by storm. Video advertising is truly the inescapable future of content marketing. Why? The facts clearly show that. According to Syndacast, videos will account for approximately 74% of the internet traffic by 2017. And studies have indicated that an email’s open rate increases by 19% if the subject has the word video in it. There are so many video apps popping up, that are ridiculously famous worldwide. All of these facts, point to the rather obvious truth that video will be the leader of marketing in the next few years.

Many businesses withvideo production in Toronto are feeling the boom of this effect. Boundless Productions is one such company, producing videos for many clients as everyone now wants to take the advantage of video marketing.

Here are some of the factors that have aided video to become so powerful in the marketing world:


Search results are heavily influenced by videos in your content. It has been established that the algorithms used by many popular search engines consider video including content to be rich and authentic. The biggest search engine, Google, itself owns YouTube and it supports the videos in it searches. Now Google, not just searches for the keywords put in by the user, it has diversified its search and brings meaningful results which often include videos. In fact, many times YouTube videos sit at the top of the search results.

Easy to Process

No we are not calling people dumb, but the truth is it is far easier to comprehend a video than to read a whole document with pure text. Videos bring life to the information. Rather than reading, you get someone to say it out for you and that makes the whole process easy and engaging. In fact, it is proven that visual content does better with many users than textual content. And after all people like to watch videos.

The Viral Phenomenon

Videos are likely to be shared more as compared with other types of content. Thus, business can use this to their advantage. We are living in the so called ‘viral’ era. One video goes beyond borders with just few clicks and within few hours millions of people have watched it already. Think of the things such an exposure can bring you. This is why videos have become an important tool for marketing.

Videos on Facebook

Facebook’s videos are viewed by millions of people, largely thanks to the above mentioned phenomenon. In 2015, Facebook’s video views were 8 billion. This number screams the potential video advertising has. Now users can even watch videos while browsing their newsfeed. And you must already now that Facebook is streaming live videos too. Facebook is focusing more on its video infrastructure because videos are getting success. Simply put, Facebook’s popularity has also had major contribution in making video marketing the next big thing. And if you combine these two, the benefit can be massive.