3 Ways where an immigration law firm in Toronto is helpful

Every country comes with a set of immigration laws. As the country grows, it grows stricter with laws to maintain its peace and economic stability. While applying for the citizenship or residency of Canada, the Canadian immigration law firms Toronto can be of great help. Applying for the immigration and getting it approved is an intensive task and one has to keep up with all the procedures. It can be a bit stressful especially when you are stuck in a desperate situation. There are 3 ways in which the immigration law professionals can assist you.

  • Permanent Residency:

There are two conditions on the ground of which one can apply for permanent residence with the help of immigration law firm in Toronto.

  1. Refugee:

There are compassionate and humanitarian grounds on which one can apply for the immigration. However, it is a discretionary type and depends on the authorities for approval. If you look out for permanent residence in Toronto there are several guidelines under the ‘Immigration and Refugee Protection Act’. You will have to look up to them in order to make a strong application. Refugees who seek protection, safer environment for upbringing their children and better education or work opportunities can apply for the residence. But, it is possible only when you have thorough knowledge about the immigration law.

  1. Live-in Caregiver:

Any person who is trained and qualified for caregiving services can apply for the live-in caregiver program. Such people provide care to the children, seniors or any person with ailments. Your immigration lawyer will update you on how to issue the work permit. This will authorize you to work freely as a live-in caregiver in a household in Canada. A caregiver can apply for a permanent residence in the country upon completing 2 years of and within 3 years of his or her employment.

  • Temporary Residence:

Canada is known to open up its doors to several visitors each year. While some come to travel and leave, there are some who come to work or study. Foreign students who choose to study in Toronto for less than 6 months will have to obtain a study and stay permit. There are different documents pertaining to the identity, study course etc has to be submitted. The immigration law firms are updated with such procedures and are in a better position to guide you well. If you have been denied the temporary entry then only the lawyer can help you out in such situation.

  • Judicial Review:

At times a negative decision can wreck your plans. However, it is not the end of your dreams. There have been several applicants who have appealed once again to the Refugee Appeal or Immigration Appeal Division. The lawyer will help you present your matter in a bright light so that your application is accepted. Within the immigration laws, there are several formalities that one has to take care of. Without the assistance of a lawyer, who is well-versed with the legalities, it is impossible to get through this.